How To Select A Great Bedside Lamp?

Even in this day and age of crystal clear digital device screens and backlit e-readers there is still place for a great bedside lamp. After all, many of the items that we make use of during the nighttime hours need somewhere close at hand to be placed when it comes time to travel to the land of nod. Think about reading glasses or even a lass of water for consumption during the midnight hours – without a best bedside lamp accessing those items can prove challenging and results can be downright messy – or in the case of knocking a pair of glasses onto a tiled floor potentially very expensive.

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There are a variety of designer bedside lamps available on the market right now. Not only are they tremendously attractive and add to the ambiance of the room – but they are also functional. The question is what should you be looking for when selecting your bedside lamp?

If you are going for that designer look, then make sure that the lamp and shade that you select are in harmony with the rest of the furnishings of the bedroom. Also, make sure that you don’t overdo it in terms of size. A huge lamp may be visually impressive – but it’s going to detract from the overall feel of the room if that room is fairly petite. There is also the choice between the classic look and something a bit more Avant-Garde.

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However, the guiding principle is that your bedside lamp should make you happy. Feel free to push the boundaries if you feel comfortable that the bedside lamp is a reflection of your personal style. Your bedroom is the perfect setting for self-expression.

If you will be sharing a bed with someone else match bedside lamps are the way to go. Having mismatched bedside lamps can give the room a disjointed feel. But once again – feel free to experiment, pairing two different bedside lamps can be a great way to demonstrate the differences that make each person in a relationship unique. just beware of the size issue again. try to keep each of the bedside lamps similar in dimensions – a complete mismatch might throw off the balance that is so important to bedroom decor.

For those who want to think outside the box, there is no reason not to make use of lamps that are traditionally used on desks. If you are one of the increasingly rare breed of people that still enjoy paper-based books, the desk lamp with its directional beam can be tremendously useful in reducing eyestrain. And there are many different styles – from the antique to the modern that are very striking.

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Another option is to avoid the clutter of the bedside table by installing wall-mounted lights on either side of the bed. But be aware, should you be seized by the urge to rearrange the room and move the bed there is going to a cost involved in relocating those lights.

A great bedside lamp is an investment that pays all sorts of dividends. No more stumbling to bed in the dark after switching off the main light – and no more having to face that harsh glare first thing in the morning. Research your choice and you will find that your unique style and taste will help to find the bedside lamp that is uniquely suited to your personality and needs.


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